“The fund concept and approach appeals to me very much. It’s exactly what we need for our technologies.”

Wittkampf Sjoerd

Technology Transfer Manager, ECN

“Steven is a very experienced startup specialist who knows how to prepare a startup for venture capital investment.“

Nityen Lal

Managing Director, Icos Capital

“Hans is a highly experienced technology entrepreneur with a proven track record in start-ups and scale-ups. He is business-savvy, has outstanding business ethics and is on top of this a pleasure to work with.”

Jos Joore

Biotech entrepreneur, Memitas B.V. and Pepscope B.V.

“If you look at the impact of Dutch physicists – their citations, their influence – we are number one in the world”

Wim Saarloos

Former Director, FOM

“Steven is one of the most experienced Technology Transfer professionals in the Netherlands. His contributions to the development of the Dutch TTO landscape are highly appreciated by his colleagues.”

Oscar Schoots PhD MBA

CEO, Utrecht Holdings BV and Stichting Incubator (part of University of Utrecht)

“Hans has a deep understanding of what it takes to transform an idea into a product. He certainly knows how to build a company and how to leverage on his extensive network to gain access to anything that may be needed at the right time and in the most efficient way.”

Prof. Davide Ianuzzi,

VU University

“The future of innovation lies in finding new forms of financing.”

Eppo Bruins

Former Director, STW (joint Venture of Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs )

“I see many interesting technologies coming from physics research but translating them into business case is not easy. I am confident that this team can pick up our technologies and build successful startups.“

Annemieke Galema

Director, Office of Research & Valorisation of University of Groningen

“Steven Tan is a champion in launching startups. He has a keen eye for spotting promising technologies and knows how to deal with universities.“

Olivier Heyning

CEO, Lumicks B.V.

“Investing in support of knowledge transfer from universities to industry calls for new financing models which could address both the information and risk patterns of this activity. The availability of such instruments is a necessary condition for attracting larger amounts of private capital without which inventions cannot be transformed into innovations.”

Jacques Darcy

Head of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property, European Investment Fund


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