We focus on ground-breaking nano-technologies in the Netherlands

Nascent Ventures invests in innovative nano-technologies originating from fundamental and applied physics research in the Netherlands, including optics, photonics, nano-biology, advanced instrumentation, components and circuits, mechatronics, embedded systems and advanced materials.

Why invest in nano-technology?

How is it possible that we have a fully functional GPS and gyroscope in our smartphone? How is it possible that cars can are aware of the traffic situation and drive themselves? How is it possible that students can build and launch satellites? How is it possible that my smartwatch can measure my health?
Is this all possible because we have the internet, powerful computers and artificial intelligence? Yes, that is true, but only partly. You also need a lot of smart sensors and systems to make it work.
These sensors and systems are now available due to spectacular advances in nano-physics that enable scientists and engineers to understand and manipulate matter at the molecular level. This has led and will lead to many breakthrough technologies in the field of sensors, imaging systems, computers, telecom systems, etc. These technologies are faster, more accurate, smaller and/or more reliable than existing technologies. Moreover, they can be manufactured at a fraction of the cost.


Nascent Ventures is specialized in selecting high potential nano-technologies and building startups that commercialize the technology.

Nano-technologies are able to create new markets and disrupt existing markets and provide excellent opportunities for startups.

Why invest in the Netherlands?

It is a well-known fact that the Netherlands is world leading in physics, including nano-physics. Recently, professor Ben Feringa received a Nobel prize for his research on nano-motors. Also, Dutch scientist substantially contributed to the discovery of the Higgs Boson in 2012 (awarded the Nobel Prize in 2014) and the detection of gravitational waves in 2016.

Most of the physics research in the Netherlands is coordinated by FOM and executed in close collaboration with the Dutch universities and technical universities. Other research institutes in the Netherlands such as ECN (energy research), SRON (space research) and TNO are also strongly engaged in physics research.

In total around 350 million euro is spend on physics research in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, the Netherlands has a large and thriving high-tech sector, comprized of both corporates (ASML, NXP and Philips) and a large number of SMEs mainly concentrated in and around Eindhoven. The sector is well organized in various branch organizations and is accustomed to work in co-development and co-creation models with other high-tech companies as well as public-private partnerships with universities and research institutes. The open and collaborative culture of the sector is particularly well suited for high-tech startups.


Nascent Ventures has excellent relations with key players, both universities, SMEs and corporates, in the field of nano-physics and high-tech.


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