Expansion capital for next-generation imaging technology company

Amsterdam, NL – Amsterdam Scientific Instruments B.V. (“ASI”), a leading vendor of state-of-the-art camera systems for X-ray imaging and electron microscopy, has received an investment from a consortium of investors led by Nascent Ventures.

ASI’s camera systems are based on Medipix technology developed by a collaboration of leading physics research institutes under the coordination of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The cameras are deployed in experimental physics labs around the globe, including CERN and Nikhef. ASI’s products are increasingly used in the next generation of electron microscopes, x-ray imaging systems and mass spectrometers.

The investment will enable ASI to strengthen its leading position in the scientific market and expand its business in emerging industrial markets. Furthermore, the investment allows ASI to strengthen its development team and improve and expand its product portfolio.

Hans Brouwer, CEO of ASI commented: “This fundraising will help us to accelerate our business and enable the company to further develop its unique technology”.

Steven Tan, director of Nascent Ventures added: “ASI is the first investment of our new fund. We share the vision of ASI and value the warm relations of ASI with Nikhef and CERN. We are excited about helping ASI expand globally”.

Willem van den Berg, managing partner of TechNano Fund added: “We are excited by the prospect of the ability of ASI to compete with its technology in many optical application areas. ASI is an interesting addition to our high-tech portfolio. We look forward to the cooperation with ASI, Nascent and Nikhef”.

ASI is a spin-off of Nikhef

Nikhef, the Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics, founded ASI in 2011 in collaboration with a group of informal investors and P2IP B.V. (an investment company of NWO) for the purpose of bringing the Medipix technology and related technologies developed by Nikhef to market. Under the leadership of Dr. Hans Roeland Poolman, the company was able to become a leading vendor of advanced camera systems with reputed customers in the scientific market.

Nascent Ventures

Nascent Ventures was founded in 2017 by a serial entrepreneur and technology transfer and venture capitalist veteran backed by a group of entrepreneurial private and regional investors. Nascent Ventures is an active seed fund that creates and builds high-tech startups from the ground up based on break-through technologies of Dutch universities and research institutes. Nascent Venture unique approach provides both seed capital and management.

Value Creation Capital / TechNano Fund

Value Creation Capital (VCC) was founded in 2005 by ICT serial entrepreneurs who have started, built and sold interesting fast-growing ICT / Tech companies. VCC (co-)invests in companies active in high tech (through TechNano Fund), software development and managed services. VCC distinguishes itself by combining “intellectual capital”, sector experience & expertise, extensive networking and active value creation of companies (to the next level).


Researchers at Nikhef (the National Institute for Subatomic Physics, a partnership between the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and five universities) study the interactions and structure of all elementary particles and fields at the smallest distance scale and the highest attainable energy. Nikhef coordinates and leads the Dutch experimental activities in accelerator-based particle physics (in collaboration with CERN) and astroparticle physics. The research at Nikhef relies on the development of innovative technologies. To this end, Nikhef avails over advanced technical and engineering departments.